Tennessee Girls Lacrosse Club
Providing the highest level of lacrosse competition and experience for girls in Tennessee at the high school and middle school levels.

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     2021 Roster 

Class of 2022

Jadie Arnold (Centennial)
Alyssa Bird (Iowa)
Ellie Bowles (Harpeth Hall)
Miller Clark (Harpeth Hall)
Clara Earley (JP2)
Soria Ebert (Franklin)

Cate Frist (Harpeth Hall)

Chloe Garrett (Ravenwood)

Izze Gill (Ensworth)

Jenna Gillis (JP2)

Emily Leonard (JP2)

Caroline McKnight (Harpeth Hall)

Ella McWhorter (Ravenwood)

Erin Nicholson (Brentwood)

Isabel Pregont (Homeschool)

Gabby Sandberg (Brentwood)

Brooklyn Shepard-Wheelon (Webb)

Cassidy Yoder (Brentwood)

Class of 2023

Payton Arline (Bearden)

Ella Bobbitt (CPA)

Scout Chaffin (JP2)

Katie Costello (Ravenwood)

Audrey Evans (JP2)

Hattie Funk (CPA)

Chony Garza (Ravenwood)

Megan Hopfensperger (Ravenwood)

Emily Jannetty (Page)

Lily Jo Landsell (Alcoa)

Ellie MacDonald (Greenwood, KY)

Lucy McNally (Harpeth Hall)

Grace Moore (Harpeth Hall)

Angela Ong (Centennial)

Aliya Polisky (Franklin)

Ellie Ramsing (Greenwood, KY)

Ellie Shaver (JP2)

Ellie Walker (Harpeth Hall)

Class of 2024

Ellery Blackburn (St. Cecilia)

Cate Bourbeau (Harpeth Hall)

Kate Bowling (Page)

Liza Brown (Harpeth Hall)

Caroline Bryant (West End)

Katy Catino (Ravenwood)

Katelyn Creger (Stewarts Creek)

Carly Frist (Harpeth Hall)

Nola Gephart (Page)

Emma Gilroy (Woodland)

Meredith Llamas (Page)

Olivia Lombard (West End)

Lucy Long (Ravenwood)

Taylor McCall (Harpeth Hall)

Sophia Mendoza (Harpeth Hall)

Charlotte Myers (Harpeth Hall)

Lillian Phillips (Page)

Mackenna Poole (Page)

Anna Reinbold (Brentwood)

Emilia Reinbold (Brentwood)

Emerson Symonds (Brentwood)

Maddie Zonarich (Brentwood)

Class of 2025

Aria Burton (Brentwood)

Gianna Collins (Woodland)

Jamie Denton (Harpeth Hall)

Kearington Fearing (Grassland)

Evie Frist (Harding Academy)

Claire Fritts (Grassland)

Emma Gardzina (Woodland)

Kate Leschen (Harding Academy)

Lauren McKnight (Page)

Sophie Nichol (Woodland)

Emma Pizzi (Brentwood)

Olivia Rewers (Woodland)

Jamie Riley (Centennial)

Ava Rumsey (Harpeth Hall)

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TNLAX also offers opportunities to girls that are not on the TNLAX team through leagues and clinics.  Please check out our website for more information on these opportunities for elementary, middle and high school girls under the Fall Ball and Fiddle Stix tabs!  These are great opportunities to improve your game in the off season!  

For more information CONTACT TNLAX HERE